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„This year we are going to make a film.“ This was the first idea and it was 1st of June 2017. „Who wants to be part of it?“. After deciding on the cast, the creative part of forming ideas for the script started. We knew we did not want to have a narrative story. There should be no explanations. „To get inspired I started looking through Rolands old archives of texts he has written but which were far to good to be rotting away in a dusty corner." (Mira Gittner) „Over the last years we had quite a few encounters with people and their stories, which we wanted to integrate into one of our movies.“ (Roland Reber) „The best platform for one's emotional exhibitionism is the Internet“. (Antje Nikola Mönning)

So there it was: the basic idea of NIKKI, the video-blogger who catches people and their stories on her camera without commenting.

It only took two month of preparation, deciding on the idea for the storyline, the cast and finding and organising the locations for TASTE OF LIFE. After that it was within 25 days in august that the movie finally has been shot with a small team behind the camera, 50 people in front of the camera and 11 different locations - and lots of enthusiasm and creativity of everyone involved. After another five weeks of post production the final cut was ready in October 2017 and is celebrating its world premier at the 51st Hof international Film Festival (24.-29.10.2017) 




Teamwork – literally speaking.

What is so special about wtp international film production is their uncompromising dedication to film which is welding the film production team tightly together since 9 feature films. Additionally to this it’s wtp’s way of producing – including script, production, editing, sales, distribution, dvd-label, public relation all made by the same team – consequently refusing public funding money and co-production with TV stations to keep creative freedom.

All previous films of this team, with it’s core being Roland Reber as writer and director, Mira Gittner as director of photography, editor, graphic designer and actress, Antje Nikola Mönning as writer, assistant to the director and music composer as well as Marina Anna Eich as producer, actress, press agent and distributor and a few several other organisation talents, were screened at numerous international festivals.

  • “The films by Roland Reber and his small committed team are discoveries of an independent cinema which are rare in the international film community.” (Feuilleton, Süddeutsche Zeitung)

  • „wtp films with the collective dedication of its team have become an unmistakable trade mark.“ (Blickpunkt:Film)

  • „...Unicum in the German cinema landscape...“ (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

    To view filmmaking as a creative adventure is typical for Roland Reber and the wtp-team. Without film subsidies but with a small committed group with multiple tasks for each one of them the results is an integrated art work to which everyone involved has a creative relationship. 

headwords of the films

  • taboo breaking
  • double moral standards
  • sexuality
  • passion
  • obsession
  • striptease bar
  • table dance bar
  • society
  • behavioral norms
  • compulsion
  • constraint
  • enforcement
  • borders
  • absurdity
  • insight
  • awareness
  • knowledge
  • realisation