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The new movie by Roland Reber and Mira Gittner

Roland Reber

director of

24/7 The Passion of Life

My Dream or Loneliness never walks alone

the room

in german cinemas from 22nd of February 2018

available with English subtitles on DVD, Blu-ray and online streaming platforms from 26th of October 2018 


Germany 2017
fic(k)ticious dramedy
DCP 2K, 88 min, FSK 18

a wtp international production

a film by Roland Reber and Mira Gittner

starring Antje Nikola Mönning | Andreas Pegler | Wolfgang Seidenberg

Iris Boss | Agnes Thi-Mai | Norman Graue

produced by Patricia Koch | Marina Anna Eich 

writer  Roland Reber | Mira Gittner | Antje Nikola Mönning

director Roland Reber editor Mira Gittner

music and director assistant Antje Nikola Mönning

image composition Mira Gittner (camera and editing)

Steffen Neder (lighting design)

production management Marina Anna Eich

production, sales & distribution wtp international GmbH

Germany 2017, FSK 18

erotic Dramedy, 88 min



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